Trombone File Cabinet
Trombone File Cabinet
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B Flat Major scale for downloading and printing (pdf)

YouTube Video of B Flat Major Scale

Sesame Street play along (mp3)

Sesame Street with positions added for downloading and printing (pdf)

Mission Impossible play along (mp3)

Mission Impossible T-bone 3 with positions added (pdf)

William Tell Overture (similar-not exactly our version) (mp3)

William Tell Overture with positions added (pdf)

An Hour With The Game Shows - positions added (pdf)

Salute to TV play along (mp3)

Salute To TV (second trombone) - positions added (pdf)

Ashokan Farewell - positions added (pdf)
Information about the Sinfonia Program:

Sinfonia is a unique annual fundraising concert for the FVSO that takes non-musicians and if you are musician, like me, puts you on an instrument that you have NEVER played before!! The 60-65 Sinfonia musicians (known as Sinfoniacs) all have a magical 2.5 months to learn how to play their instrument, learn how to read music (if they do not know how), master the 4-5 pieces of music selected and then perform an hour-long LIVE concert, for a REAL audience, who have paid REAL money for their tickets (which is also part of the fundraising).

The money raised goes to help support our wonderful Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra (FVSO) community outreach and Youth Orchestra (YO) programs. Many folks in the Fox Valley are not able to go to the Symphony, so the FVSO takes small ensembles out and brings music to the wider community at nursing homes, senior centers, civic organization, clubs and schools. Also, if a kid is good enough to be in the Youth Orchestra, but their family cannot afford the tuition, the YO does not turn that kid away and instead provides a scholarship.

I like to say, there will be lots of awfully good music performed terribly well at the Sinfonia concert!! By concert night we are on par with a VERY average, beginning, 9th grade orchestra. The concert is a lot of fun for both Sinfoniacs and the audience alike.

Doug Marsh